Dear buyer, we advise you to get acquainted with this information before the installation!

Please, read this document before laying the parquet. First of all, check the quality, selection and the colour according to your order. If you will notice the mismatching, you should inform your seller about it immediately. Do not lay the parquet. The laying of the parquet automatically means that you accept the product. The buyer and/or the person who will lay should check the parquet before the laying. The producer is not responsible for the layer’s incompetence.

The PMC – Parquet offers this information to the buyer for the compulsive reading before the laying and further exploitation of the parquet board.

All these recommendations concern all types of the parquet selection. But the following thing should be taken into account: if the parquet board was bought in the sale or at a discount ( the buyer is informed that the discount means that there are some insignificant defects) so then these recommendations don’t extend on it.

The producer is not responsible for the oblique or accidental damages that might happen because of transportation or the product storage at the warehouse of the dealers.

The company can replace the product fully or partially in case when the buyer notices the defects that were connected with the producer’s transportation or the technology of the parquet board production.

The demands for putting in an application:

  • You must contact with the dealer who sold the parquet board to you. You should be the one and the first owner of the parquet board for which the application is formed. The cheque that confirms the purchase of the product from the dealer who works with the producer is welcomed!
  • The wearing-away of the surface should be noticeable and take minimum 10% from the whole surface of the floor.
  • You must fill the application during the guarantee period.
    The dealer can check the parquet or take some samples of it for technological testing during 30 days from the moment of the receiving the written application. If the results will confirm that the sample is defective, so then the producer up to his decision can repair this part of the product or give the material that can change the product.
    If the application is put before the laying and the testing confirms that more than 5% of the parquet board is defective, the producer replaces the whole or partial amount of the product according to the buyer’s wish. All the applications before the laying should be written during 15 days after the delivering/purchase. The producer will not accept the application after 15 days.

Replacement/ Redelivery:

The replacement spreads on that product that was bought in full cost without any discount. The defective product (the buyer knows about it’s condition) can be replaced or redelivered before the laying during 10 days since the moment of the purchase. The producer doesn’t refund the spending of the transportation and product replacement with defects (about which the buyer is told earlier). The product must be redelivered directly to the warehouse in the original package and in the initial condition. If the product is laid then it is counted as the property of the buyer and can’t be replaced or redelivered. The buyer pays for all additional spending which are connected with the replacement and/or redelivery.


Before laying of the parquet, it should stay for 3-4 days in the package. The buyer/layer should create all conditions in the room before the laying. Not following this rule the producer takes off all obligations concerning the replacement of the product which after some period of time got an inappropriate image due to a buyer’s fault.

Before the laying of the parquet board, the layer should unpack 3-4 packagings, form a small piece of the future floor of chosen in advance the boards with the same texture and colour. The producer admits the non-critical differences in colour and texture ( Select), and more visible (Natur, Rustic) in its products. This acceptance may happen to be because the timber is a natural material and the individuality of each parquet board should be taken into account ( the comparison with laminated flooring).The layer should inspect each board before laying in order to be sure of it’s wholeness. To correct the small defects with the help of filling, stain, hard wax, special pencil is a standard procedure during the laying. If the layer is not sure in the quality or selection of the board, he should put the board aside. When the flooring coat is fixed, then it is considered to be acceptable by the layer and the owner. The producer can replace only 5% of the product amount( except the percentage for tenoning). The producer doesn’t pay for the laying.


If you follow several rules you will be able to save the beauty of your floor for a long period of time. The main condition for upkeeping the parquet is the retaining of the wholeness and initial image of the protective-decorative covering. PMC- Parquet cooperates with the Sweden company Bona that produces paints and lacquers. All products of this company undergo a detailed control and certification. It is desirable to use special materials and liquids in order to save the initial image of the parquet board. It will prolong the term of exploitation of your floor.


The fluctuations of the humidity may cause the initial size changes of the parquet board. It is connected with the size changes of the timber while it was in the dry or moisture rooms. It is necessary to keep the level of humidity in the house at 45-55% with the help of humidification system in order to avoid the problems with the parquet. It is unwelcomed to lay the parquet on the heated floor because it can cause the changing of the form. But if you don’t follow this rule, the producer takes off all his obligations concerning the replacement of the product that fell into disrepair.


If there is liquid on the surface of the parquet board, it is necessary to remove it as fast as you can in order to prevent the falling of this liquid both under the parquet board and between the protective layer and timber. You may use small carpets in some zones ( near the sink, entrance, etc.)

The protection from the abrasive materials

Such abrasive materials as sand, cat litters and etc. can damage the wholeness of the floor covering. In order to avoid such damages ,the buyer may use carpets in that places where these damages can appear. It is necessary to put special glides on the legs of the furniture in order to avoid the scratches on the surface of the parquet.

Sun light

The colour and tone of any floor can be a little changed due to the direct sunlight. It is necessary to move the carpets and other elements of the décor after some period of time in order to avoid the appearance of the furniture’ traces.


This guarantee spreads only on those floor coverings which are used exceptionally in houses. If the parquet is laid in that rooms which are not for living, so then the producer takes off his obligations that are described above.

The next cases don’t refer to the guarantee:

  • The level of humidity of 45-50% and temperature of 20C weren’t observed in the rooms where the parquet was laid.
  • The parquet is laid in the rooms with heated floors.
  • The maintenance was done before getting the producer’s agreement
  • The floor covering is laid not according with the technical conditions for this kind of work
  • The changing of the colour and tone due to not following the rules which are described above
  • A little narrowing or widening of the board which are caused by the seasons changes in moisture and temperature is not the defect.
  • The damage of the wholeness which is caused by the influence of the abrasive materials.
  • The damage due to the wrong laying, the wrong conditions of storage, wrong upkeep and the usage
  • The damage of the wholeness which is caused by the influence of the cleaning abrasive materials.

If the buyer cant follow all conditions and recommendations which are described in this document, the producer is not responsible for the product!

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