You have bought the interior panel-framed doors which are produced by the Private Manufacturing Unitary Enterprise “Postavy Furniture Center” which is situated in Postavy, Vitebsk region, the Republic of Belarus. Our doors are made of glued timber of pine that is preliminary dried till the moisture of 8-10%. The mild mode of the drying process and a very tightened inspection of this process, as well the construction of the doors, all these guarantee you a long period of exploitation if you will follow the rules below: transportation, storage, the processing and installing of the door blocks.

1. In order to avoid the deformation of the door blocks, they should be stored in the horizontal position. The transportation is available only by hanging or with the help of special mechanical equipment. Also, try to avoid those methods which may lead to the mechanical damage.

2. The door panels, especially unpainted, must be guarded from the exposure of the incoming solar beams because it may lead to the changing of the natural colour of the wood. The same damage can appear due to the long storage without protective-decorative coat, even if the doors are in the dark place.

3. The main physical characteristic of the timber that has an impact on the geometric sizes of the product is water absorbing property. It means the timber’s ability to absorb the humidity from the air. We recommend to hold, polish and exploit our products in the rooms with the relative degree of humidity from 45 till 65% at a temperature of 15 till 25Co. in order to save the size of the door panel and it’s elements. But if the doors were kept during some period of time in the room with higher humidity, so in this case before installation or painting, they should be removed for 7 days in that conditions where the doors will be exploited. The soaking of the doors or keeping them in the rooms with 100% humidity during a long period of time is categorically forbidden. It may lead to the damage of the product.

4. The painting and installation of the doors can be done only by the qualified specialists who have the equipment, experience and conditions for it.

5. The installation of the door block should be the last stage in the redecoration, because the previous stages are connected with high humidity. You should use only the expanding foam during the assembling of the door block. The mortar of cement is forbidden to use.

6. There is no humidistat in the flats with the central heating, so as a result the temperature fluctuates from “very dry” in winter and till “moderate humid” in summer. So, you may come across with two typical problems. Firstly, white unpainted lines can appear around the perimeter of the panel in winter. It doesn’t mean that the doors are rejected, but it means that the doors were painted when the moisture of the wood was higher. When the panel has got dry and diminished in size, you may try to paint these lines with the responding colour and then you will get rid of this problem forever, or you may leave these lines and then they will periodically appear. Secondly, you may notice that the doors got worse to open and close in summer. It is the result of assembling of the door block, especially if it was done in winter, someone might think that the spans between the door and the door frame are very big and as a result he decided to reduce them. It is forbidden to do because these spans are made with taking into account the sizes of the door panels during the seasons fluctuations.

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