The technology

The technology

The processing of wood is known for people since ancient times, because wood is the first building material which was used for the house building. The woodworking has undergone a huge way of development since it’s appearance till nowadays. Today the woodworking is one of the most rapidly developed and advanced branch in the whole world. The technology of woodworking is upgraded annually and it allows to increase the efficiency of the sawmilling and to develop the woodworking branch.

The woodworking branch develops in creating and using of more non-waste and productive technologies of material’ processing under the influence of nowadays’ progress. There will be no opportunity to increase the efficiency of he sawmilling without the adoption of such factors as: the mechanization of the material’ unloading and it’s separation according to the size and quality before the processing, the development of the transportation in packages, the adoption of the aggregate recycling of roundwood of the huge size, the replacement of the old-fashioned equipment and sawmill into new ones, the usage of the kilns, the recycling of the waste into fuel pellets and technological materials.

Our company has the modern equipment of the firms «Koimpex», «Secal» from Italy and «Wintersteiger» from Germany and it allows to produce the advanced products according to the modern standards. Everything begins with the wood sawing machine for the roundwood’ sawing into edged and unsquared board. The next step is the technical drying of the material till the moisture of 8-10%. Then the dried wood is taken to the workshop where it is separated into lamina. Then the material is taken to optimization lines «Salvador», the essence of the work is in cross-cutting, assortment according to the quality with the removal of the bracks and optimization for the dimension according to the length.

The customized planks and assorted timber ,which underwent the line of the uniting «Spanivello», are scraped at «Weining» machine in order to prepare them for the glueing. Then starts the process of glueing at Germany and Italian pressing machines («Kallesoe» and «Italpresse») from the details into board panels which will be polished at the milling and CNC machines in order to produce the details for the door and it’s elements. Then the doors are glued and taken to the painting. So, “Postavy Furniture Center” is not only the producer of the doors, but also it includes the production of the parquet and 2 factories of producing the fuel pellets.

The technological process, which is described above, allows to produce the solid wood that represents the material consisting of the natural wood. It’s main difference from the particleboards and melamine board and etc. is in the production of the timber from the roundwood.

It should be marked that the waste from the door, door elements, parquet, is recycled into the fuel pellets at our two factories. And it allows to organize the wasteless production. Our fuel pellets correspond to the European standard of quality. We are the certified producer of the biomass.

But nevertheless, we’d like to continue with the doors which are made of the natural wood:

The commonly used timber species for the production are:

- Pine. This timber is commonly used because it is easy to process, it’s cost is not so high and it grows practically everywhere.

The usage of the pine timber allows to produce the doors of the welcoming price and to offer a wide variety of the models. Thanks to these factors, the doors from the pine timber are more available among the other doors from the natural wood.

Till the recent times, the products which were made of pine had a lot of disadvantages because of it’s characteristics of the material: low hardiness for the mechanical damage, negative influence of the atmospheric feature (temperature, humidity).

Nowadays, the usage of the modern technologies in production ( that are described above) and finished coating (primer coating, preservation treatment, lacquers, oils, opaque lacquer, etc.) allow to increase the parameters of the exploitation which are described above. So as the result, the quality of these doors( pine timber) practically are the same as the doors from another wood species.

Alder. The cost of this timber is higher. It is due to the high resistance to moist and a minimum quantity of the resin. The Alder is also popular among the producers and the buyers. But this product of a high price segment. Thanks to it’s characteristics these products can be installed in the rooms with high air moisture or outside.

It should be marked that the alder is the golden mean of the wood doors. A lot of buyers who come to the shop for the pine doors, after being informed about the advantages of the alder, change their decision in favor of alder doors.

Oak. This variant of wood solid is the heaviest and most expensive. The last one is due to it’s longevity. The high density of the wood material provides a high thermal isolation of the room and allows these products to be in the role of soundproofing.

Oak doors are produced in various styles and designs, they are presented in classic collection, Neo- Classic and Hi- Tech. There will be no more problems to choose the door thanks to the wide range of the design variants. You may ascertain in it at our site in corresponding section. The accessories of these doors are paid a lot of attention, first of all to the hinges, where the weighting is paid a lot of attention. Please, take it into account.

The lacquers, oils and opaque lacquer are used for the finishing:
The lacquer coating
This variant allows to create a necessary colour with saving the texture of the material.
The variety of colours is very wide and it allows the client to choose the product in that colour which will match to his interior.
The additional advantage is the opportunity to create the colours for the pine doors from the colours of more expensive wood species (smoked oak, cognac, etc.)

The coating with opaque lacquer

Nowadays, the most popular and preferable colours are white and grey. The main difference of the opaque lacquer from oil and lacquers - is that the opaque lacquer hides the texture, and to define the material is practically impossible, except the oak doors. But nevertheless the important factor is the wood material from which the door is made of and it’s exploitation period.

Advantages and disadvantages of the wood doors

The advantages are:

  • The high ecological cleanness and safety for the health.
  • The long period of exploitation and high endurance when the rules of the up-keeping are observed.
  • The products that are made of glued wood material practically don’t crack and deform because the battens are fixed with the regard of the multidirectionality of the strings.
  • The high soundproofing characteristics and heat-saving opportunities.
  • Good moisture exchange of the wood. The wood creates the qualitative atmosphere of the room. The doors absorb the moisture from the environment and if there is a lack of it - the wood gives it back.
  • You may do the restoration at home.
  • The Uniqueness due to the various structure of the wood.
  • Statusness of the product that accents the expensive maintenance, financial independence of the owner and his preferences.

The disadvantages are:

  • The high acceptance of the negative influence of the temperature and moisture, even in the result of it- the door blocks can crack.
  • The installation is complicated and demands the following of many technological standards. That’s why the renovating should be done by the specialists on the special machines.
  • The price of the valuable species is high.

But the final decision will be up to the client. So, you may choose and decide.

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