About company

About company

The Private Manufacturing Unitary Enterprise “Postavy Furniture Center” (PMC) produces doors during more than 20 years. Our factory is situated in a picturesque place of the Republic of Belarus, Postavy. The region is rich with forests and lakes. Postavy borders with Braslav Reserve, resort community Naroch and Lithuania.

The main aim for the workers of the enterprise is the upgrading of the product quality during many years till nowadays. And for this reason the enterprise upgrades the technical equipment, operates the wood-working tools and materials of the leading manufactures, and conducts the trainings of the staff. Our products can be more rarely met in Belarus, but practically in all regions of the Russian Federation, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Italy and Denmark, and even in Iraq and Libya. The wood pellets, which are produced by our enterprise, are sold to the countries of the European Union ( Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia).

Nowadays, the manufacturing area is about 200 thous.sq.m., the annual production is more than 90 thousand doors. The PMC has a tremendous production capacity at each technologic step of the production.

The PMC is two-joined plants under one head office:

1. There is a workshop of the roundwood sawing up with two sawmill machines of Primultini and Essterer at the doors production area The complex of the drying tunnels Secal allows to dry the wood till the necessary moisture content. The Italian surveys of optimization and assortment of the incoming raw materials of the firm Koimpex provide the wood refinement with a high-class quality. The process of glueing and refinementing of the details for the door production is also held by the machines of the Italian firm. The finishing of the door units is made with the help of the modern equipment and coating materials of the firm Helios, which correspond to the European Standard. Before the packaging into the carton the door units undergo the quality inspection. The shipping is carried out on the pallets of the European Standard.

2. There is also a workshop of the roundwood sawing up of the firm Essterer at the territory of the Parquet production, which provides with the sawing-up of the roundwood and it’s assortment in such way that finally we have edged board. Also, there is a complex of the drying tunnels Secal. At the very beginning, the dried board goes to the production of the parquet to the line of the firm Koimpex, where several processes undergo parallely. To be more specifically: sawing-up and gluening of the pine base (the low layer of the parquet board), the preparaion and laying of the pine planks (middle layer), the sawing-up of the oak details for the lamella with the thickness of 3-4 mm (the top layer). Then, the layers are glued jointly, and the parquet board undergoes the process of scuffing, moulding of the profile and counter-profile at the sawn wood end. Next goes the process of finishing with the coating materials of the firm Bona. Then the product undergoes the quality inspection and is packed into the carton. The shipping is carried out on the pallets of the European Standard.

Our Enterprise takes an active part in International Exhibitions which are conducted in Milan, Oslo and Moscow. As well we have the show rooms at the national territory of Kuwait, Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Canada.

The assortment of the products is always widened, the equipment is upgraded and new technologies appear. Our enterprise tries to keep up with modern design tendencies. And as a result we can offer modern and technological solutions about the parquet and doors.

In order to improve the product quality PMUE “Postavy Furniture Center” conducts the work concerning the certification of the european standard annualy.

The managment system “The supply chain of the wood product” was adopted in 2015 which allows to use the timber legally.

The system that fuctions according with the international certificate SBP which allows to use the fuel and the electricity rationally during the production of the fuel pellets, was adopted in 2016.

The international system of quality control for the fuel pellets ENplus was adopted in 2017.

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