The Parquet is a natural floor covering which consists of separate wood boards which are made of a certain kind of wood. The size of these boards may vary to a wide range.

Depending on the texture and the image of the wood, the parquet can be classified into the following selections:

Select is a high-quality parquet board of tangential or mixed sawing. It has natural wood look, slight variation of pattern and colour is possible. It includes homogenic texture without sharp drops and colour difference. Healthy natural knots under 5 mm are admitted. Sapwood and cracks are not admitted.

Natur is the wood of mixed sawing having natural wood look and bright texture. The healthy undropped knots under 50 mm, dropped knots under 40 mm and cracks which are filled with filler are admitted. On the top layer it is possible to see colour variation, ray cells and medullary spots. There could be slight sapwood on the top.

Rustic is a kind of wood without selection according to the sawing. It has prominent texture, where the two-tones is admitted on the whole surface of the parquet board, the differences in colour and texture (on the surface such differences are represented by soft or hard wood), healthy undropped knots and dropped ones over 40 mm, which are filled with filler, are admitted. There could be little unfilled cracks that underline natural beauty of the wood and filled cracks of different length.

It is very important to take into account that the selection of any producers may differ. And according to this reason even the producers have the same name and the selection, the parquet may differ from the point of quality.

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