PMUE “Postavy Furniture Center” produces a three-layer one-lane parquet board PD-3, where the top layer is lamina of oak or pine, middle and base layers are made of pine sawn wood products.

The width variation: 110 mm, 140 mm, 190 mm, 300 mm.

The length variation: for the width 110 mm, 140 mm, 190 mm – 764 mm, 1100 mm, 1436 mm, 2200 mm, for the width of 300 mm – 1400 mm and 2800 mm.


The variation of thickness: 12,5mm, 16mm, 19mm

The package of the parquet is filled with all four lengths. The type of connection is tongue-and-groove.

Also, the PMC produces the parquet in mono-length -764mm, which is used for laying “herring bone”.  By the contrast with the standard laying ( French technology), the laying “herring bone” is more dynamic and bright. The strips of board are used in order to create this effect, which coincide at right angle in a vast amount. This kind of parquet is perfectly suited for interior decorations of large rooms where the texture is well- noticeable.

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