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You bought panel interior doors produced by PMUE Postavy Furniture Centre (Postavy, Vitebsk region, Republic of Belarus). Our doors are made of glued pine wood that was preliminary dried down to 8-10 %. Soft drying mode, rigid control after the process and its results, door construction guarantee long door lifetime (if you follow the transportation, storage, handling and installation rules below)

1. To avoid damage doors should be stored horizontally. Door transportation should be done only in suspension or with the help of special mechanical equipment. Try not to damage the door while handling.
2. Door leaves, especially uncoloured, should be kept from the sun as it can cause change of natural colour. Same could happen with the doors that stay uncovered even in the dark place.
3. The main physical characteristic of the wood that influences the dimensions of the wooden parts is hygroscopy the ability of the wood to absorb water from air. To save stable dimensions of door leaves and their parts we recommend to store and handle doors in rooms with humidity 45-65 % and temperature 15-25 . If doors stayed in the place of high humidity then before installation or especially colouring it is important to place the doors for 7 days in the conditions under which they will be used.

It is evident that doors should not get wet or stay in the place with 100% humidity for a long time. This can cause damage.
4. Colouring and installation should be done by specialists with necessary experience, conditions and equipment.
5. Block installation should be done in the end of renovating as all the other works are connected with high air humidity. Use only PU-foam not cement grout.
6. In houses where there is central heating and no regulator of air humidity it is hovering between very dry in winter and moderate humid in summer. Because of this you could face two typical problems. Firstly, in winter white uncoloured lines around the panel could appear. It doesnt mean that doors are defected. It means that colouring of the doors was made when the wood humidity was higher. And now panel dried and went down a bit. You can try to colour the lines with corresponding paint and get rid of this problem forever or leave it the way it is. In this case white lines will appear sometimes. Secondly, in summer you can notice that doors open and close not easily. It is possible that during the installation especially in winter gaps between door and door frame seem to be too big and they were diminished.
This should not be done in any case as they were made taking into account changes of door leaf according to a definite season.